So I’m staying true to my commitment. I’ve been working out regularly but not overdoing it. I always try to be cautious of overtraining syndrome–a real and dangerous situation where pushing yourself too hard, too often, really takes its toll–therefore it has been 3-4 times per week only.

I have added a new component to my physical regimen, though. Having committed to doing one yoga class per week, in addition to my already daily practice, I was starting to feel a bit slacker-like, since I hadn’t yet gotten the ball rolling. But as good fortune has it (or perhaps an energetic force of attraction), I retouched base with an old friend–yoga therapist, Arun Deva. I have since started working with this phenomenal practitioner, really focusing on my specific dysfunctions (tight hip flexors, tight quads, tight shoulders, and some postural stuff). So far, so good–can’t say enough about it. My low back and pelvis are opening up and it feels like we’re taking it to the next level. I have greater range of motion in my gait, and I just feel looser all around. Nice way to walk through life, I’d say.

I’ve been going to the gym every week–usual weights and cardio. And I’ve been practicing my handstands; however, my yoga therapist says right now it’s a practice in futility, at least until I open up my quads and hip flexors, and thus gain more control of my pelvis.

“No!” I said, “I want to do them regardless.”

“Keep dreaming,” he said. For now, I’ll just have to put this goal to the side–all things in due time.

Nutritionally, I’ve been taking my vitamins every day. Vitamins B and C, essential fatty acids, and calcium/magnesium. I’ve also started taking acidophilus to replenish my good bacteria (especially since I realized what I had lost along with my appendix). I take it about 3-4 times per week. Sometimes I forget; it hasn’t yet been lodged into my consciousness and made a habit. I’ve also finished one bottle of chlorophyll and did one five day round of apple cider vinegar with baking soda. Mmmmmm. Delicious. Not.

Ah yes, one last thought. Last week while lifting, I jumped in to an exercise too quickly, without sufficiently warming up and I tweaked my pec (chest muscle). Good reminder that warming up is essential. Also, build-up to your heavier weights, even if with just one preliminary set done at a lighter weight. Anyway, I think I prevented a more serious injury by 1) icing immediately and doing it several times the next day, 2) light stretching and 3) light massage. So if you feel a tweak, ice right away and get it treated as soon as you can get in to see your chiropractor. Till next time.

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