I love readers’ comments. It shows me people care and think about their health. And I’ve received many since starting my blog last year. Thank you to all who have contributed in this manner.

But there is something I will absolutely not tolerate on this blog, and that’s offensive, baseless insults that spew from ignorance or worse. Don’t get me wrong, I welcome differing opinions and I just love it when somebody disagrees with me. How else are we to develop insights into this fascinating and ever dynamic world of human health and healing?

But when a reader posts an insulting absurdity with no backing whatsoever; no reference, nothing, nada, nunca, I have to simply say see ya: I delete the post right away. There’s no place for that here. Feel free to disagree, tell me I’m an idiot or whatever. I’m man enough to take it. But you better back your sh&* up, or the post is gone. I will even entertain keeping up ignorant, baseless drivel if the writer has the balls to post contact info along with the post (Yogi Bear, Darth Vadar and the like don’t count); if you can live with your words for all the world to see, then who am I to deny you the embarrassment? But the same posts written by Anonymous are simply unacceptable. Sorry.

So there you have it. Feel free to post, feel free to disagree, feel free to call me a jackass. Sometimes I am. But don’t even bother posting insults that have nothing to do with the subject at hand. Nobody will ever see it.

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