We hear a lot about the abdominal core (especially since it’s been designed by Navy SEALSjust kidding) for good reason, it’s nature’s support belt–it stabilizes and protects the lower trunk, the pelvis and the spine.  The term “core” is a current buzzword in fitness circles, but it’s more than just the abdominals.  It’s a group of muscles working together, dynamically to stabilize the body during movements.  It’s includes abdominal muscles for sure, but low back, pelvic and spinal muscles contribute to the function of the core.

The video below shows an outstanding exercise–the abdominal hollow–I give to all my West Hollywood chiropractic clients to strengthen their core.  I call it a basic building block because, despite its effectiveness as a solitary movement, it is an integral part of numerous compound exercises that I give my clients as they advance through a sports rehab routine.  Simply put, it’s the best fundamental strengthening exercise anybody can benefit from, no matter what shape you are in.

Watch the video below to learn how to do the powerful abdominal hollow exercise, and do it daily.  I guarantee within six weeks of doing this exercise every day, your core will be solid and your low back will have more support, leading to–less injury and less low back pain.  Have fun.

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