I’m not much of an extreme sports enthusiast–like Schwinn air-cartwheels do nothing for me.  Saying that, I’m all for people living as extremely as they’d like, just understand the risks.  Take for example skydiving: Two skydivers collided in mid-air today falling to their deaths over Perris, CA in Riverside County.

According to Fire Department officials, two men, Christopher David Stasky, 42, of San Diego and Patrick James McGowan II, 42, of Menifee crashed into each other near the Perris Valley Airport around 3:30 p.m.  Civilians attempted CPR. Paramedics took over upon arrival, but the downed men were pronounced dead at the scene at 4 p.m.

Chris Stasky and Pat McGowan

These were not inexperienced jumpers.  Stasky was a rigger with Tactical Air Operations on Otay Lakes Road. The organization’s website says Stasky had 9 years experience and had made 3500+ jumps.  McGowan had worked with Skydive Perris as an instructor for almost two decades and oversaw parachuting activities at the airport.

Well just goes to show you…risks are risks.  But you’ve gotta live your life according to what drives you, and if jumping out of planes is it…then fly, baby, fly.  But for me, when asked if I’d like to skydive I’ll say the same thing I always say, “Fuhgdat!”

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