Chiropractic and The Mindfulness Practice (satisfies 12 hours in-class requirement)

Chiropractic and the Mindfulness Practice (Copy)The human nervous system has evolved for efficiency. One drawback to such efficiency is that many processes have become automatic, including the incessant “chatter” of the brain. This hyper-activity can lead to what we might call states of “mindlessness” during our regular waking moments. Mindfulness, then, is the conscious awareness of the moment in the moment. It is what many have called, “The power of NOW.” It is being present in real time – the only real moment to exist. This course is for chiropractic professionals to learn how to effectively cultivate the power of mindfulness through a regular meditation practice. Meditation will not only help develop the strength of focus, but also enhance the chiropractor’s attractive abilities toward receiving more client’s, figuring out solutions and creating the practice and life of his or her dreams. Take this incredible and innovative course to enhance you patient management, practice growth and life fulfillment.

*12 hrs CA State Board Approved Continuing Education (CA-A-22-02-01029)

Upcoming dates:

January 14, 2023                                                         Burbank, CA

January 26, 2023                                                          Palm Desert, CA

February 11, 2023                                                         Thousand Oaks, CA

February 23, 2023                                                         Palm Desert, CA

March 11, 2023                                                               Burbank, CA

March 25, 2023                                                              Palm Desert, CA

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Seeking the Self: Chiropractic Mindfulness II (satisfies 12 hours in-class requirement)

Seeking the SelfAThe greatest illusion of the human mind is that we are separate, individualized entities – one among many such forms – to which life experiences simply happen. Every great teaching – from Taoism to Christianity – stresses the unity of all things, including the higher divine power. As a result of this illusion, humans universally seek a unification in all areas of their lives. In this fascinating second-level meditation course, the focus is on unity, purpose and individualized values which, when uncovered or obtained, lead to a greater life and destiny fulfillment. Aristotle taught the wisdom of operating from final cause, and like the yogic concept of Dharma, doctors can use this understanding to help guide their lives and practices more efficiently, leading to greater success and fulfillment. In this course, we discuss the mind-body problem, higher mind, the neurology of consciousness, ancient and modern philosophy of being and becoming, the mythos of creation, the concept of time, and much more. We will also take our meditation practice to the next level, with a few exciting twists. And we discuss it all through the harrowing, yet inspiring, story of an ancient sage. Take this incredible and innovative course to enhance you patient management, practice growth and life fulfillment.

*12 hrs CA State Board Approved Continuing Education (CA-A-xx-xx-xxxxx)

Upcoming dates:


What doctors are saying:

“I’ve been a meditator since 1976 when I took Transcendental Meditation. I highly recommend this course for new or established meditators.“ Dr. Zail Khalsa, Beverly Hills

“Even though it is ancient wisdom, meditation is being validated by science at the present time…very empowering seminar, well taught, great tool to use professionally and personally.” Dr. Doris Giraldo, Huntington Beach

“I wouldn’t normally take a meditation seminar but I’m very glad I did. It opened my eyes to another aspect of health care.” Dr. Ian Fitz-Gibbon, Orange County

“I loved the science behind meditation and the melding of energy to matter (physics)…Dr. Nick brings a passion and excitement to his presentation unlike anything I have ever seen before.” Dr. Ken Erickson, Irvine

“It was out of my ‘comfort-zone’. I liked that is was different.” Dr. Stephen Marrone, Thousand Oaks

“It was wide ranging and thought provoking; inspired me to rethink and reconsider assumptions about perception, reality and the implications for health and healing.” Dr. Jonathan Simon, Cambridge, Mass

“Very quick 12 hrs. Great info and well researched.” Dr. Joseph Pilloud, Pismo Beach

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