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Forearms and wrists have become an interesting region for chiropractors, physical therapists and orthopedists because the number of injuries and dysfunctions in the area have increased over the last two decades.  Thank the change in lifestyle that computers have afforded us, as increased typing for most non-secretaries has taken a toll on peoples’ grippers.

From carpel and cubital tunnel to tennis and golfer’s elbow, the forearm region plays a massive role in today’s common arm and wrist injuries.  As the main gripping muscles, any activity forcing people to flex their wrist or fingers increases the prevalence of overuse injuries.  The most common cause of forearm injuries is a combined tightness/weakness typical of a muscular imbalance.

Please watch the video below to learn some easy and effective forearm workouts that you can do at home before visiting your sports chiropractor for forearm pain relief.


Tennis elbow, also known as lateral epicondylitis, is pain experienced on the outer part of the elbow and forearm. It is common in tennis players, usually from poor form or faulty equipment, but really anybody that uses their hands regularly, in work or in play, can develop tennis elbow.

Tennis elbow is a muscular issue where micro-tears of the muscles of the forearm are causing elbow pain and discomfort on gripping or carrying items. Even shaking hands can be an excruciating endeavor when tennis elbow is present–not a good thing. So having this condition warrants a trip to your local sports chiropractor for evaluation and treatment.

To find out how you’ll be treated for tennis elbow, especially in my Beverly Hills chiropractic office, please watch the video above; and you can get even more information on the causes and symptoms of tennis elbow by reading the article at this link.

If you are experiencing outer elbow and forearm pain and difficulty gripping or carrying items, don’t hesitate–call your local sports chiropractor today.

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