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Want your head spun?  I quite enjoy having mine twisted like a top.  Whenever I think I’ve seen or heard it all, something new comes up and….well, cranks the ol’ dome a little.  Here goes:  A 10-year-old girl in Spain has given birth, and authorities are considering whether to allow the tyke custody of the tyke.  Sheesh.

Apparently the father is also a minor further complicating matters, as having consensual sex with anyone under thirteen in Spain is a crime–child abuse.  They’re awfully liberal in that faraway land…anyway, because she claims the father is also a minor, Spanish authorities are not considering this a rape case.

The baby was born last week, and surprisingly both mother and child are in good health.  Experts warn that pregnant children often have complications during pregnancy, and the newborns often die within the first year.

Mom is originally from Romania and apparently was already pregnant upon entering Spain.  It is unknown if the father is also Romanian.

Oh well, I guess that it’s true that children are reaching puberty much faster these days.  One British study found that girls currently start puberty at an average age of 10.25 years, while their mothers began at 11.75 years and their grandmothers at 12 years.  Another 2000 study in the UK suggested that one girl in six was reaching puberty before the age of eight with one in 14 boys showing the same signs.  Doh!  Researchers believe that diet, exercise and coming from a broken home all contribute to the precocious puberty.

Well, scary indeed.  I mean, I understand becoming interested in sex by ten, but beyond looking…maybe touching…I can’t imagine full on sex at ten years old.  Maybe the boy is older, but…dang!  I’m blown away.  I guess teaching kids about safe sex might be appropriate after all.  Cus something’s just not right about your moms being a fifth grader and breast feeding and all.  Either way, I smell an Oprah episode on the horizon.
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