What the heck are they doing in NYC? Has that city gone mad? Is the Big Apple now the food fascist capital of the world? When a society believes that its citizens can’t think for themselves they start to pass silly laws, like making trans-fats illegal. Or their newest one – requiring some restaurants to list calorie counts on their menu boards next to the price.

Now I understand the rationale behind what they’re doing – I mean for God’s sake some people act as if they don’t have a sensible brain cell in their noggin – but to impose this kind of regulation on the public and the food service industry is just ridiculous.

I just don’t believe that this is the answer to get people healthy. On the contrary; when you start forcing businesses to prepare food in a particular way you are removing the responsibility from the consumer. And I’m sorry but that’s not in the public’s best interest. What next? Tell them when to exercise, when to get vaccinated (this is actually happening to some degree right now, especially in Texas), when to have sex? Gimme a break!

Pulling the responsibility away from the consumer is actually disempowering her. What it says is, “We know you are a mindless sheep, you stuff yourself full of unhealthy food and drink, and since you can’t control yourself, we’re just going to make it unavailable. And as far as what we will offer you, here’s how many calories it has, Ding Dong.” Yeah, that’s the answer.

Well, what about me. I’m not obese. I don’t overindulge in Whoppers (BTW, only 10% of the city’s restaurants – read: national fast-food chains – are required to abide by this regulation). I happen to enjoy an occasional trans-fat laden McDonald’s French Fry. Why do I have to suffer? Because your fellow American can’t control himself, that’s why.

I got news for you NYC: people who don’t care for their health aren’t going to care for it more by imposing regulations. People care for their health when they value it, plain and simple.

And it’s a slippery slope too. What next? Can’t have ice cream – it’s gotta be frozen yogurt. Can’t smoke cigars anywhere except in Cuba…oh, but you’re American so you can’t go there, sorry. Oh no, can’t run marathons or box or play football – heavens forbid, you might get hurt.

Listen, I’m all for taking care of one’s health. But I know for certain, that it’s got to be a part of your consciousness. Removing the pleasures of life – and yeah, for some people (like me), fast food is nothing more than an occasional pleasure – is not going to make people value their health more. I think it will do the opposite. I think it actually will turn people into mindless sheep. Baaaaah!!!

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