If you’ve ever wondered what the popping or cracking noise is when you receive a chiropractic adjustment, log onto: The Pop! for a detailed explanation.

In the news today: Omega-3 fatty acids reduce blood pressure: study. O.k. – if you’re not taking omega-3 FAs today, the question is – why not? Please read my 2005 article: EFA’s – Nature’s Beauty Secret for Healthy Skin. There are so many benefits to taking this supplement that it really needs to be a part of your regular health regimen.

You know what’s the biggest cause of missed work in the European Union’s 27 member states? BACK PAIN!!! Well, you don’t say? What about in America? Same here. Check out these facts from The National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke. Isn’t it fascinating that these countries – our own included – haven’t adopted a chiropractic health plan benefit for all workers. Some company health insurance policies still don’t cover chiropractic, and it’s plain and simple foolishness. Chiropractic has been shown to significantly lower musculoskeletal pain symptoms. View some of the studies here. If your company is not providing you with access to chiropractic care, get on them. They’ll improve productivity, decrease absenteeism, and ultimately create loyal employees (who wouldn’t be grateful?) if they do.
Looks like medicine is looking at a performance enhancing drug to treat congestive heart failure. Sounds interesting anyway, but we’ll have to wait for the conclusion.

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