This month, on the Dr. Nick Show podcast, I review the mega best selling health book, Natural Cures “They” Don’t Want You to Know About by Kevin Trudeau. Boy, what a blast. This guy is a trip. Read this fantastic article about him from the Washington Post.

Trudeau was banned from selling supplements by the FDA for his false claims about the product Coral Calcium. From what I understand, Coral Calcium is not better than calcium citrate as far as absorption goes, and anyway, Trudeau said it could cure cancer. Dummy! You can’t say that. One, because it’s just not true. And two…well, because it’s not true, and furthermore, people might believe you.

He was also banned from selling any health product on infomercials for both his claims on Coral Calcium and his product Biotape. Biotape, according to Trudeau could cure chronic pain. I don’t think it worked very well. Hmm, I see a pattern here.

So, on to the health book publishing biz. Natural Cures has sold over 5 million copies. Very impressive. And it has been proclaimed the greatest selling health book of all time. Wow! Kudos, man.

Anyway, I don’t think the book is totally useless. Check out my review on the Dr. Nick Show.
Here are some real Natural Cures books:
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