We now have concrete proof that the grass is not always greener in other pastures. In a recent study published in the Annals of Plastic Surgery, researchers found that women who have breast implants are three times more likely to commit suicide than other women. These findings should act as an alert to plastic surgeons to screen for heightened suicide risk among their clients.

This comes as no surprise to me. At the risk of offending every active member of the Silicon Sisters Society, I would assume that a significant percentage of women who seek out breast augmentation have serious self esteem issues.* Just so everybody knows that I am not pointing the finger here, we all do to one degree or another. I mean, everybody I have ever met has at least one physical characteristic they would like to change if they could – it’s part of the human mind game. However, altering your body to fit within the illusion that you’ll be more attractive and more desirable as a result of breast enlargement is just plain crazy. Big breasts don’t make a woman’s life any better than a bigger wallet does a man’s, although many are convinced that both of these things are necessary to attract the opposite sex. Uh, no, sorry.
According to the study, “The increased risk of suicide was not apparent until 10 years after implantation.” Also no surprises here. It likely takes this amount of time to realize that bigger breasts do not make life easier, happier, or more fulfilling. Big boobied birdies have just as many ups and downs as their smaller sisters do. And a lift here, a tuck there, doesn’t remove the challenges we all must face in our lives.
But before you think my assessment is presumptive, please make note that the study also showed that women who opt for breast enlargement are three times as likely to die from drug and alcohol related deaths too, further pointing to self-esteem or body image problems. If you are contemplating having plastic surgery to improve your life, please give it a second thought. You’re not going to suddenly find happiness in a bigger bra size.
*Please note: This study does not lead to the conclusion that all women who have breast augmentation have poor self esteem. Actually, it is more likely that women who have pathologically poor self esteem will look to external factors, like drugs, alcohol, and plastic surgery to boost their feelings of self worth.
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