Everybody must certainly know that anti-aging is the health-marketing buzzword of the New Millennium. Like weight loss, attach the word anti-aging to any health book or product and watch sales soar. Quite a few millionaires have made their fortunes in the field of anti-aging.

So, is anti-aging possible?

I dunno, what is it?

Anti means opposite, opposing, or against. Anti-aging, then, means the opposite of getting older. So, getting younger I guess.

OK, we know this is not possible, right? It’s simple physics, right? Did I miss class that day? I mean, we can’t oppose aging, now, can we? Time moves forward – even if just in our perceptions, right? I mean, we do experience time in that way, don’t we?

But wait. We can slow the aging process down – this much is true. It’s precisely this concept that’s being sold to us by doctors, vitamin and cosmetics companies, and others. But can a pill or a procedure do all that it promises with regard to slowing down the aging process? Well, it depends.

We know of many natural substances and activities that slow down the aging process significantly. One is exercise. The ways in which regular exercise decelerates – and even reverses – aging is well known; I discuss many of them in my upcoming book, The Six Keys To Optimal Health, but we keep learning of new ways that the body does this amazing feat. Take, for instance, a new study showing that regular, moderate exercise relaxes blood vessels and makes them more “youthful”. Amazing! Exercise makes blood vessels more pliable, significantly lowering the risk of heart disease and stroke, the top killers of our day.

Especially exciting is that older, sedentary people can now take up exercise and reverse any damage that might have been done by just sitting around on their keesters for the last couple of decades. That’s right! It’s not too late. Get up now and get moving – get walking, get dancing, and get bocce ballin’. Get shuffle boarding. Whatever. Start now and enjoy the fountain of youth. It’s there for the taking – you’ve just got to drink.

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