OK, I’m baa-aaack. Vacation and illness out of the way–it’s Hammer Time…

Back to the gym tonight for the first time in two weeks. While in New York, stretching was the limit to my regimen. I did it every day, though. When I returned home, I got sick immediately, and I pretty much just focused on work and rest.

It’s cool–no problem. I don’t stress out in these moments because I know I’ll be back, so no need to guilt trip myself. I just go into it knowing that my first session back will have to be scheduled, and then I’ll have to stick to it no matter what. No “playing it by ear” crap.

And get this: I lost a pound of weight. How do you like that? I got to rest, and I didn’t gain any weight–I actually lost weight! Chuckle. That’s what happens when you work out regularly. You can get by for a week or two without having to worry about slowing down your metabolism. However, when it gets to be three or four weeks…or a month! you better not count on maintaining your metabolism. Anyway, when you make exercise a lifestyle habit, you won’t have to trip if you miss some time because–you’ll be back–it’s what you do.

Not much more to report. Ready for the soreness.

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