It’s been three months and I’ve stayed true to my commitment…well, pretty much. I’ve been taking vitamins–B, C, D, magnesium, some calcium, essential fatty acids, and alpha lipoic acid. I’ve been taking acidophilus every day; and I’ve done chlorophyll for a week once, and five days of apple cider vinegar. The biggest thing I’ve done recently, though, is quit eating sugar (November 8th was my last day). I didn’t stop eating carbs altogether, but when one cuts out refined sugar, the overall carb intake generally goes down. All I can say is WOW! It’s been just incredible. I started feeling different almost immediately. My appetite actually went up at first, but then normalized. My energy went up immediately, but then dropped. Then I felt crappy–withdrawal like symptoms. Now I feel better. I started craving sugar within a few days but practiced “mega-discipline”, and not only have the cravings diminished but I feel sort of empowered by the discipline part. Now I don’t want sugar, cuz it’s my thing. Snicker.

I’ve been working out regularly–gym two to three days per week, yoga every day, Runyon Canyon about once a week. Yoga has been great. It has really opened up some areas in my hips that were hurtin‘–hip flexors and quadriceps, mainly. Mostly I’ve been working on my posture by standing against the wall squeezing blocks between my legs–very powerful stuff. No handstands–none, nada, nunca–and I haven’t run Runyon, except that one time. Sigh.

But wait! Weight is down to 160. Woohoo! Haven’t had the ol‘ body fat recalculated, but I will before the year ends. I think the weight has more to do with cutting out the sugar than with anything else.

Getting sleep, but…running my ass ragged while awake, so I guess I’m balanced.

That’s it. One more month of reporting and we’ll see what I’ve accomplished with all of this. Woof.

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