Well, 2008 has started with a bang! Just not the one I’d been hoping for. As I was shaking off the blow of a serious tooth infection, and a subsequent root canal, I got nailed with the stomach flu–gastroenteritis to be exact–and I’m only just starting to feel my old raucous self today.

Gastroenteritis is often called the stomach flu, although it’s nothing like the regular flu–no fever, no body aches or pains, none of that stuff. What is was, however, was a lot of stomach ache–cramping, crippling spasms that had me boweled over in pain for about 48 hours. Many things can cause gastroenteritis–bacteria, viruses, toxins, medications, some other things. I think mine was probably viral, but it could have also been from taking Motrin; I was taking 2,400 mg a day for the toothache I was enjoying.

Either way, I stopped taking the meds on Friday, immediately following my first hit of flu. I also stopped drinking coffee and pretty much eating all together. If, in spite of my haze, I am remembering all the details correctly, I think I couldn’t even stomach water; I was helpless. But did it ever make me find religion. Please Oh Mighty Isis. Make it stop, please. Nicky be good boy. Nicky be good boy…

Once again I have to say, being sick is a part of life. You can get depressed about it (it’s easy, really), or you can just see it as a time to take care of yourself–rest, relax, catch up on paperwork, and even on those missed episodes of Real Housewives of Orange County (right PB?). There’s no such thing as 100% health, 100% of the time; and living in that illusion is the quickest way to frustration and/or depression. We all get sick. Bless it, use it to your advantage, and rest up. There’s plenty of life to be lived tomorrow.

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