This month on the Dr. Nick Show (Episode 6) I discuss the boom in the wellness industry. Wellness as a concept–and as a way of life–is a good thing right? Yes, of course, but you’ve got to watch out for for the snake oil salesmen or the pretenders. Listen to this month’s episode for a better idea of where they’re trying to get you–and it may not be wellness at all; just a good ol’ jump on the bandwagon.

Here is a quick list of celebrities who are attaching themselves to the wellness industry:

A well-known television psych dabbling in the weight-loss game.

A mega-millionaire motivational guru who pushes all wellness, all the time.

A convicted conman whose made millions with the best selling health book of all time.

A former prime-time diva whose now pushing anti-aging and HRT.

Hey, maybe this stuff is your thing. Cool! Just beware. The term wellness increases the price tag significantly, so buyer beware.

Here are a few celebrity-endorsed products I’m waiting for:

  • 50 Cent’s 9 Bullets Liquid Diet.
  • Lindsey Lohan’s Hollywood Diet….snorrrt!
  • Roger Clemens’ Three Shots in the Ass (but thought it was B12) Workout.
  • Eddie Murphy’s new book on sexual wellness: Screw Anything that Moves.

Now that I’d like to see.

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