Losing one’s memory is a natural consequence of aging, right? Not necessarily; in fact, it has been shown in several studies that the more one stimulates one’s mind–in the form of learning–the greater one’s chances of retaining mental sharpness well into old age. Yet another studyhas been released confirming these conclusions.Researchers at the University of Michigan have found that the more educated a person is, the better he or she performed on cognitive tests. Nothing new there, as we reported the same in this blog back in October. What is new, though, is that the study found that significant memory loss has declined in the elderly (people 70+) over the last decade, which may be due to that generation’s longer education and schooling when compared to previous ones. According to lead author Dr. Ken Langa, “the research reinforces other studies that suggest people who do mentally challenging tasks early on build up a reserve of brain power that helps them withstand later injuries to the brain, such as a mini-stroke.” He was also sure to point out the link between good cardiovascular health and brain health, another way to reduce mental decline, strokes and possibly Alzheimer’s.

You want to know why I keep plugging these studies? Because everyone seems to be into anti-aging these days. Great–here’s how to do it. My top seven tips to keeping the brain young:

  • Drink lots of water (1-2L per day)
  • Do 30-60 minutes of cardio (that makes you sweat) every week.
  • Learn something new at all times. Once you master it, move on tho the next thing. My favorites:
    • Languages (Chinese anyone?)
    • Musical instruments
    • Mathematics (always a great brain developer)
    • An art (photography, web design, sculpting, knitting)
    • Anything new (economics, poetry, cosmology, quantum physics, philosophy, psychology, etc.)
  • Take essential fatty acids (EFAs) daily
  • Meditate (sit in silence) every day
  • Practice daily gratitude (for your life exactly as it is now)

Do these things and rest assured that you will keep trucking through life sharp as a whip. Don’t just take my word for it, or the bevy of studies coming out each year; instead, prove it to yourself. And check back in with me when you hit your seventies–something tells me you’ll remember my words.

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