Here goes something interesting: I’ve been experiencing an unusual pain in my midsection for about a month now. It’s not the first time, either. I started experiencing the same thing several months ago, but it went away. So, naturally, being a chiropractic sports physician, I’m wondering what the heck is going on.

First, I thought it might be tight hip flexors since I do a lot of sitting when I write and my chair is not the greatest; that means, like everybody, I start to slouch as I get tired. So I see my chiropractor and have some hip flexor work done, but the pain doesn’t go away.

Then I realize that I haven’t been working out my abdominal muscles lately, as I’ve been focusing on my core. But, guess what? A strong core doesn’t mean the abs can be neglected. Ah yes, I see. Much of what I learn about the body I learn on myself. Abs are important.

I’ve worked on my abs for years, understanding their function. Yet, for some reason, over the last several months I’ve neglected them assuming that my abdominal core workout would be sufficient. Big mistake. I’ve revisited my usual abdominal workout and, lo and behold, my midsection pain has gone away. Interesting.

So listen to what I say here: A strong core also needs conditioned abdominals; otherwise, too much pressure is placed on the hip flexors and the other muscles of the abdominal core. You don’t have to experience it on your own to get it. Learn from my experience. I make it my business to understand the human body as best I can. And I can then pass that info on to you. So work out your core and your abs. That’ll keep you working well for years–guaranteed.

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