Do your part to save the male appendage today: Stay healthy at all costs! What?!?! You heard me right–staying healthy is your best insurance to keeping your organs, appendages, digits, and yes, your genitalia too.

According to a recent report, a Romanian man lost his penis in an “accidental” severing during a testicular surgery. Whoops! And the surgeon performing the operation wasn’t a hack, either; he was a renowned and “highly respected” urologist and anatomy professor. Double oops! Ain’t that just enough to make you cringe?

The slippery-wristed surgeon was ordered to pay the 38-year-old man $500,00 euros (785,000 dollars) in compensation. That’s all?!?! for an amputation of that nature? Sheesh! I guess I think very highly of myself, but, well…I wouldn’t have been happy with less than $10 million that’s for sure–I’m still building my family, for heaven’s sake!

I’m not posting this story to poke fun at this poor man’s misfortune–his wife has since left him, to add insult to injury–but I use this as an example of why it’s best to use the medical system as little as possible–emergency and life threatening situations only; for the most part, anyway. As I discuss in detail in the first chapter of my book, The Six Keys to Optimal Health, medical mistakes are one of the leading causes of morbidity and mortality in this country. I guess they happen in Europe, too.

Listen, we need modern medicine: it is absolutely critical in times of crisis, and many of its marvels have improved the quality and quantity of life significantly for millions of people around the world. However, far too many use it as a quick fix for all their health woes, even the most minor ones; and frankly, that’s foolish. Be smart–take care of your health to the best of your ability. Honor your body and put in at least the minimal amount of work to maintain it. Follow The Six Keys To Optimal Health and assure yourself the greatest chance of staying healthy and vibrant for years to come. And as a result, you may just do your part to save a penis one day.

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