I do lots of balance training with my clients in my West Hollywood chiropractic office. Balance or proprioceptive training prevents falls. You know this–I wrote a post on the subject back in April. But it’s so important I’m gonna say it again: Without a properly functioning proprioceptive system, you risk falling; and falls, especially in the elderly, can lead to disability and even death.

So what’s proprioceptive training? It’s challenging the body by forcing the client to balance, first on two legs, then on one and then on an uneven surface. The uneven surface I use in my office is a rocker board. These boards sit on an arching base, and teeter back and forth like a seesaw. They are quite challenging to the person who has diminished balance, but with work, the results are amazing. Eventually we get the client standing on the surface with one leg, juggling a chihuahua and a chainsaw–it’s incredible! OK, we save that last part for our aging circus performers, but if you’re ever interested…

Recent studies have shown the mega-importance of balance training to prevent falls in the elderly. But I have to say that I encounter many young people diminishing in their proprioceptive abilities. So it’s never too early to start. And aside from preventing falls, good proprioceptive senses help strengthen the low back, combating low back pain and eventually acting as a preventative. Nice.

So if you are unsure whether you need balance training, just stand up now, look straight ahead, and lift one foot off the ground by bending you knee. Was it difficult to hold your balance? If so, then you’re a prime candidate. Call your local chiropractor and start your balance training today.

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