Aw well, nothing lasts forever. I guess I’ve lost my voodoo doctor status. Too bad.But let me tell you about the coolest thing ever, and a must for anybody with a presence on the Web. I’m a client of the Internet Law Center. One phone call to Bennet Kelley, founder of the ILC, and this identity problem I was having on miraculously cleared up.

Bennet Kelley and the Internet Law Center can help you with a slew of Internet related issues from Trademarks to eCommerce to Privacy laws. I’ve worked with Bennet on several matters and can tell you with confidence: his service is invaluable.

Whether you’re being defamed on the Web, or you need to comply with out of state sales laws, Internet Law Center is your best partner to help you navigate the sometimes complicated realm of the Internet. If you or your business is on the Web, I highly recommend Bennet Kelley and the Internet Law Center as your go-to legal team.

*As an added bonus, Bennet Kelley is an award winning political columnist. Check out his site here.

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