“Cool” wellness and “hot” prevention is it. So says incoming Health and Human Services Department Secretary, Tom Daschle. President-elect Obama’s new health secretary says that the real answer to the current health care crisis is, well…wellness.

That’s right. About time somebody in government gets it. Duh! What’s costing the country big bucks right now is the high price of “sick care.” And what do illness and disease come from, primarily? C’mon, what do you think? Random chance? Roll of the dice? Tough luck? George W. Bush? C’mon, what?

That’s right, the most common cause of illness and disease is not taking care of one’s health. Very good. Give yourself a gold star.

And give a gold star to Daschle, too. According to the former U.S. Senate Majority Leader, getting people to focus on wellness will be all about marketing. “Wellness has to be cool,” he said, “And prevention has to be a hot thing. And we’ve got to make prevention hot and wellness cool.”

Yup, T.D., that’s what I’ve been saying for a long time–hot wellness and cool prevention. Or was that cool wellness and hot prevention? Either way, here’s what I propose:

  • Jennifer Aniston, nude yoga, televised
  • Nationwide Guitar Hero geek battles in gym class every week
  • Barack Obama 3 on 3 White House Basketball Tourney every summer
  • Jonas Brothers aerobics (oh sorry; we were talking about cool, weren’t we?–my bad)
  • Matthew McConaughey swingin’ sac boot camp (instructional video not to be missed–definitely not for the squeamish)
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