Oh man, I can’t make this stuff up. Three men remain critical after eating blowfish testicles. Digest that for a while.

Apparently fugu balls are a delicacy in Japan. Fugu is Japanese for pufferfish, and it contains tetrodotoxin, a potent neurotoxin with no known antidote. Seven men ate the off-the-menu special and reported feeling numb soon afterward. Three of the seven are still hospitalized and critical. Fugu must be prepared by specially-trained chefs, but the owner of the Northern Japanese restaurant did not have a proper licence to prepare fugu. He is now in police custody. God help him.

Like I’ve said before, sushi is a delicay that takes special skills and knowledge–there’s an art to preparing it. I don’t recommend eating in sushi restaurants that don’t have a bonafide top-quality chef. And definitley not the puffer balls, especially if you ever find yourself in Northern Japan–they have less stringent rules there. Eat a blowfish testicle there and you might come home in a bodybag.

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