Read what Carolyn Aldwin, Ph.D., Chair of the Department of Human Development and Family Sciences at Oregon State University has to say about health and aging and pay very close attention:

“It is also interesting that social class differences in morbidity and mortality* exist in every country in the world, even those, like Britain, that have universal health care. Although this relationship is partially mediated through factors such as health behavior habits, perhaps social class differences in neonatal health may have life-long effects (emphasis mine).”

Maybe, good doctor…but more likely, as you’ve said, through lifestyle choices. So I again reiterate: Healthy behaviors are the primary factors involved in reducing risk to the development of ill health, disease and premature death. Period.

And a little more information for all you universal health care groupies, Dr. Aldwin says:

“Baby Boomers will also demand more services and better quality ones. I am eagerly awaiting the first sit-down strike or takeover of the administration in a nursing home! (emphasis mine)”

Yeah, just what we’ll get with universal health care “more and better services.” You probably won’t have to wait long for that strike, sister.

*Morbidity and mortality = Illness and death

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