What’s the latest rage in cosmetic surgery? Man boob reduction. That’s right, ladies–now it’s your turn to wonder.

According to recent reports out of Great Britain, men of all ages in the UK are opting for moob reduction–that is, reducing their man boobs (moobs). The British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (BAAPS) reports that the number of male breast reduction operations has jumped 1000% since 2003, or from 22 to 323. That’s nearly one moob reduction every freaking day. Nice!

Researchers say the reason for the surge is unclear but think it might have to do with the increase in websites showing what’s available. Douglas McGeorge, past president of BAAPS, said, “I get people coming to me in their 50s and 60s. Men who have never taken their T-shirts off in public before.”

All I can say is, well…uh…thank goodness for modern technology. There, how’s that? No need to make fun…but, well…I can help save you gents a few thousand dollars and some scar tissue, too, you know. How about hittin’ the gym and laying off the booze, soda or Ben & Jerry’s for awhile, boys? Bet those moobs will melt away on their own. Just saying.

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