Life happens…and sometimes its intricacies interfere with a well-intentioned exercise program.  The most oft-cited reason people give for neglecting to work out is “no time,” a situation we can all relate in one way or another.  This is precisely why I have a self-imposed rule I call WOAC–work out at all costs!

Get it?  Move your butt, no matter what.  Living by this principle allows me to work out anywhere, anytime: planes, trains, and hotel rooms, I always say.  Another advantage afforded by the WOAC philosophy is “no time is too short.”

Since I can stretch at home or the office, the important thing for me is to go to the gym to pump iron or skip rope.  Essentially it’s “go get in whatever you need that requires special space or equipment.”  Truth is, though, I really could do resistance exercise anywhere, so at the very least it’s my cardiovascular requirements that require specific equipment.

Here is why it matters: Like everyone, I find time to be a limiting factor when it comes to working out–I mean, there’s only 24 hours in a day (which is plenty if you have round the clock access to space or equipment–a home gym, for example).  So when I find that time is limited: WOAC!

The Memorial Day holiday today meant the gym at my apartment complex was closing by 4pm.  I wasn’t ready to go until 3:30 pm.  Now…far too many people would have said, “Screw it,” and picked up a pizza and beer and rationalized why Memorial Day is time for celebrating, and NOT working out.  But because I live by the WOAC principle, I knew that it was plenty of time to bang out a session.  Here is how I did it today:

Upon entering the gym, the counter clerk reminded me of the time.  I assured him I wouldn’t be the last person walking out the door. I went right up to the yoga/dance studio with it’s slippery, shiny hardwood floors and proceeded to skip rope–balls to the walls–for ten minutes.  I was winded by five, and dripping sweat at ten.  I needed a rest, so I took one minute to drink a cup of water and catch my breath. 

Next I did plank poses, abdominal crunches, reverse crunches and side planks for my core; then pounded out gluteal bridges and hip abductions for my butt and pelvic regions.  In total, the mat work took me five minutes.  Then I stretched my hips, legs and low back–three more minutes.  Finally, I took two minutes to stretch my arms and chest–areas that I am working on specifically in response to an injury.  Done.  And not the last person to leave, either.

You see, WOAC helps me to get my arse to the gym–moving, sweating, and feeling pumped–even in a short time period.  No excuses for me.  And I guarantee I will be sore tomorrow.  Twenty minutes is all I need–heck, even ten will do.  WOAC…a way of life for me.

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