A little common sense coming out of Germany this week (leave it to the Germans), as they call for a ban on cosmetic surgery for minors (under 18-years-old). The bid is coming from a number of political groups that argue, “Even with a proper explanation, it is not guaranteed that the young person is aware of the full implication of the decision” to undergo plastic surgery.The move was pushed by groups dealing with health matters, including Chancellor Angela Merkel’s Christian Democratic Union and its Bavarian sister party, the Christian Social Union, and was welcomed by medical associations.

They want the ban to be wrapped into new patient-protection legislation, preventing youngsters from getting popular breast enlargements and nose jobs. This a little more than a year following the death of a German adult film star on the operating table during her sixth breast augmentation (as reported on this blog).

But The German Society of Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery (DGPRAC) warns that the “sweeping ban” might prevent some young people from getting a necessary intervention. Despite their concern, the DGPRAC basically supports the ban.

Hey, and who wouldn’t? Except for a few brain dead parents that gift their children liposuction and boob-jobs for their sixteenth birthday. Although I am certain that banning plastic surgery for minors will only delay the inevitable for those with low self-esteem, I just don’t believe that kids should have access to these procedures while they are still developing (which incidentally continues until about twenty-five years old).

I know some people think cosmetic surgery for kids is no different than getting them braces, but I disagree. How cutting into and out of people’s bodies is anything like structurally modifying with a brace is ludicrous, and I believe that very soon American Medical authorities will get some sense and ban the butchery for babes. So you might be entitled to your opinion, parents for plastic surgery, but at least in Germany, your kid ain’t gettin’ a boob job until she’s eighteen (and I know even more importantly it will prevent children from getting surgical work done without their parents’ consent).

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