frozen veggiesAre frozen vegetables as good as fresh? Are canned? How about frozen dinners—all the same, right? I definitely believe there is a hierarchy when it comes to food, and I follow this pattern when making food choices. I’ve been doing it for so long that really it’s second nature for me, but I think being conscious of this hierarchy is a good idea for everybody so here goes.

For produce (fruits and vegetables):

Fresh and organic (if it lacks a thick skin, like apples or berries) > fresh and conventional > dried > frozen > canned > nothing > sweetened


I think juiced is better than whole if the volume of produce (fruits and vegetables) one consumes is generally low, or as people get older and have a harder time digesting fiber (it happens in some of us)

For meat

Fresh (the fresher the better), non-hormone, grass-fed (if beef) > fresh conventional > frozen* > cured* > canned* > processed

*(freezing, curing or canning your own fresh caught/cut meats better than mass produced)

imagesIt’s not that I totally avoid anything lower on the chain—that’s crazy. But the majority of what I eat—and I strongly believe this is the best practice—is on the top of the chain. It’s one reason I deplore eating out as a regular practice; you just can’t guarantee top quality ingredients all the time. And I don’t care how ‘nice’ the restaurant is, because you just never really know the whole of it (and anyway, there are other reasons, I believe, that dining out regularly is a poor health practice). It makes travel tough for me, unless I have access to grocery stores, because as I’ve said, I naturally lean toward following these hierarchies.

I think that once one develops a taste for fresh, whole foods it’s pretty hard to veer from them too often…that’s my experience anyway.

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  1. Avatar God's #1 resident sports chiropractor says:

    God, kiropraktik TM sessions, breathing, water, exercise/stretching, food?
    1. Did you know that vegetables are especially beneficial? Eat whole foods as provided by nature.
    2. Did you know that the best raw foods are salads? Eat raw foods with every meal.
    3. Eat small meals as often as you are hungry.
    4. Did you know that the best between meal snacks are vegetables and the best “healthy desserts” are fruits?
    5. Did you know that “healthy desserts”, fruits, etc are best eaten several hours after a meal or between meals?
    6. Drink lot’s of water (your weight in lbs * 2/3 * 31.25ml= water intake exercising vs your weight in lbs * 1/3 * 31.25ml= water intake normal)
    Note: Increasing your intake of raw fruits and vegetables will decrease your daily water intake needs
    7. Complex carbohydrates and protein (7-10 grams/ your weight in kg and 1.0-1.5 grams/ your weight in kg )
    8. Did you know that everything that God made is better than what man made? Eat organics!
    9. Exercise (breath!)

    10. Get adjusted! Did you know that increasing your essential fatty acid intake with nutrition (almonds, brazil nuts, & walnuts) indirectly or by increasing your absorption and function directly with kiropraktik TM sessions?
    11. Rest

  2. Avatar Kim Moreau says:

    Juicing is perfect for me..I love my carrot, celery, parsley & spinach (w/apples at times)..I can feel my body absorb it..I will even use the pulp in my soups or make a spead with it..nothing is wasted..Yum!!!

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