Love is NOT:

Always being happy

Never fighting

Agreeing on everything

Having all the same interests

Expecting one to live up to unrealistic idealisms

Always having the same vision

Not hurting one another

Never crying

Having the same friends


Love is:

Accepting and honoring the whole person

Freedom to grow

Wanting the best for everyone

Even if it goes against what you want

Supporting the path of another

Even when that path differs from your own

Working to help others get what they love

While getting what you love

And knowing when to walk away instead of standing in the way…

That’s love

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  1. Avatar engel says:

    I love this! If people in a relationship can just realize it’s give and take. Small little things makes love grow. I don’t believe in love at first site. Doesn’t last. I believe in “do you want to spend the rest of your life with me?” If the answer is yes both should start ‘working’ on their relationship. Most of all…DON’T RUN AWAY WHEN YOU FIGHT. Stay! Communicate. Even if it’s a while after you counted to 10. Worst mistake you can make is get in your car and come back the next morning. Talk it out even if you fight. Talk until both understand why the fighting starting in the first place. Show respect. Show you value your partners opinion. You don’t have to agree to value someone’s opinion. Never ever bring up past mistakes. That’s water under the bridge. And lastly but most important: Fight the problem, not the person.

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