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More stupidity coming out of the flu shot camp this year.  Same old propaganda.  Here’s the deal according to experts: You’re an idiot if you don’t get the flu shot.  All your reservations against getting the flu shot are false.  Not one thing you think negatively about the flu shot is proven, but get this…the flu shot is based on sound evidence.  Har, har, har.  Sounds like today’s best political style–if they disagree, denigrate them.

According to a recent report, many Americans are planning to bypass the flu shot this year.  A survey conducted by the National Foundation for Infectious Diseases (NFID) found that 43% of Americans will not be getting a flu shot this season.  Additionally, a second study found that one-third of American mothers said they have no plans to get a flu shot for their children.  Booyah!

I love it.  But the medical establishment doesn’t.  They’ve been ramming the flu shot malarkey down our throats for years, and they are WRONG!  Wrong.  I’ve been reporting on this sham for the last four years.  Every year they say the same thing.  2007 saw record flu shots given, yet the incidences of flu were off the charts.  The shot gave little protection that year.  In 2008, people kept away from the bull shot.  Guess what?  Flu cases went down!  Get it?

I’ve said this before, getting the flu strains right* in any particular year is very much like predicting the weather–it’s a crap shoot.  It’s freakin’ bogus.  But what really offends me is the arrogance by which the establishment belittles people who see this and choose not to swallow the BS being fed to them.

“Flu is serious. Every year millions of people get sick; more than 200,000 people are hospitalized and thousands of people die from influenza,” Dr. Thomas R. Frieden, director of the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Yes, sick people, unhealthy people, immunocompromised people and malnourished children.  My children have had the flu every year–they’re alive.  God bless their immune systems.  If you want a flu shot–go get one; it’s available.  We’ll pass, though, thank you.  Are we stupid?  OK, I’ll take that under consideration.

Flu expert Dr. Marc Siegel believes that many people who opt not to get a flu shot are falling prey to myths about the vaccine. “It’s all because of this nonsense that’s been circulating that somehow the flu shot is dangerous.”

No doctor, listen up: It’s because the seasonal flu shot is bogus.  Plain and simple.  Wake up.

And his thoughts on the belief of some people that hand-washing helps prevent spread of the flu: “The idea that you are not going to spread the flu by washing your hands has never been proven,” Siegal noted.

And the sham that getting a flu shot prevents the flu has not only never been proven, it fails to do so many years–think 2007-2008.

I’ll keep reporting on this nonsense every year until the numbers of rejecters reaches high eighty percent.  Until then, hats off dissenters.  Glad you recognize the agenda.

* This year’s shot will contain the H1N1 strain…the same one they had to burn last season because nobody wanted.  Guess they found use for it.  How does it feel to be part of a massive public health experiment?

Here’s a spectacular story of nature and technological potential all rolled into one fascinating physiological process–the incredible human immune system.  Researchers have found previously unknown antibodies that might prevent HIV from entering cells.  This immune system soldier could potentially be the key to discovering a long-awaited vaccine against the illusive virus.  The magnificence of the human body never fails to amaze me.

According to researchers, the newly found antibodies (three to be exact) neutralize more than 90 percent of a group of HIV-1 strains, involving all major genetic subtypes of the virus.  They do so by acting as gumming agents tying up the lock that the HIV virus “picks” in order to enter a cell.

These antibodies only appear to exist in some people, and even in the fortunate carriers they fail to make enough to totally clear the virus.  Enter human technology: The idea scientists have is to coax the body, through a vaccine, to produce the virus-neutralizing antibody.

Scientists admit that they are several years away from fully developing the vaccine but remain hopeful.  “The goal is to vaccinate individuals and have their own immune systems make an antibody like this,” said Dr. John Mascola, a vaccine researcher and co-author of two new studies on the soldier antibodies. “To do that, we have to design a new vaccine, study it first in animal models and then try it in small scale human studies, and see if it does what we expect it to do. That takes a quite a bit of time and effort.”

I have no doubt we will be hearing more about these antibodies in the future.  They exist and have now been uncovered; we are sure to learn much more about where they come from, how they operate, and whether they are truly unique to some, or if we all have the potential to develop them.  Pretty cool, huh?

Have you ever heard somebody say, “I never get sick?” Or the nonsensical equivalent, “I haven’t been sick in three years (five years, ten years, whatever).” Now is that really possible? I think those that say it have little or no understanding of human physiology.

The human immune system has evolved to distinguish self from non-self, normal and healthy metabolites from foreign invaders. When the immune system encounters a foreign substance, it goes through a cascade of responses that include humoral, cell-mediated, and non-specific immune processes. Our bodies essentially create symptoms (those things most people consider as being sick, but of which I’ll argue is really health) to fight various insults to the body, including microorganisms, toxins, and many cancers. Inflammation itself is a healing process.

To say one never gets sick in the layman’s term (and only a layman would say such a thing), means one never experiences symptoms. To say one never experiences symptoms would either mean the person never encounters a foreign substance (they must live in a plastic bubble), or she has zero healthy response to foreign invaders. Would this be healthy? Would this be possible?

Since I’ve never personally recorded a someone’s health/non-illness status who makes this claim, I have no idea if it really exists, although I’ve certainly explained why I doubt it. If it truly does exist, then I would say to that person, “Watch out–your body’s lack of healthful immune response means that it’s not doing the job it has evolved to.” It is virtually impossible for any human being to not encounter foreign pathogens. Sorry.

Interestingly, allergies are on the rise in developed countries including the U.S. One hypothesis, which I consider highly plausible, is that our drive to never encounter foreign substances (or in other words, our attempt at “never being sick”) through hyper-cleanliness and hyper-vaccination leads to an under-stimulated immune system. Preventing normal/natural exposure to dirt, germs or pathogens causes our immune system to get “bored.” As a result, the immune system begins to attack itself causing allergies (and other auto-immune disorders). This is called the hygiene hypothesis, and is merely one of many hypotheses trying to explain the increased incidence of allergies.

We have evolved an immune system for a reason–the world is filled with opportunistic organisms fighting to survive like every living thing. Our immune system is our natural defense that has allowed us to live in a dangerous world for millions of years. To suggest that one has transcended human evolution by taking supplements, exercising or any other reason people use to tell the world how healthy they are, is complete folly. It warrants a reminder: The expression of symptoms is health–therefore, no illness, no health.

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