Anti-aging? Anti-aging? What’s all this about anti-aging?

Don’t you know? I’m just trying to make a billion dollars. Can’t you feel your wrinkles whisking away as you read this? That’s because this is an anti-aging blog–fully endorsed by the Anti-Aging Millionaire Bloggers Association of South America. Just deposit $1,000 into my Swiss PayPal account. Hey, I think I’m on to something here.
No seriously…doesn’t it seem like every health product being sold to us has some anti-aging connection? You’re not imagining it. Anti-aging is HUGE business. Check out the latest episode of the Dr. Nick Show to see where they’re trying to get you.
Listen, you can’t stop aging, but you can certainly slow down the effects. How, Doc, how? What’s the secret? Is it plastic surgery? Hmmm, it does something; but there are risks. Check out some here (Some doctors who specialize in fixing bad cosmetic surgery estimate that approximately 25 percent of their practice involves fixing the mistakes and errors of other surgeons). More danger here. And can you believe that some people are leaving the country to get a bargain nip and tuck.
And how about hormone injections? Well, you’ll probably need a bigger hat–just ask Barry.
Cosmetics? You know when dermatologists jump in, the game has gotten lucrative. Unfortunately, the science behind cosmeceuticals is thin, and danger looms.
Supplements? Log on to the Dr. Nick Show to find out natural ways to slow down the aging process.
What happened to the good ol‘ fashioned anti-aging methods of yesterday? That is, simply lying about your age. Interesting how, as some things change, the more they stay the same.
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