Like I’ve told you a million times: Chiropractic maintains the integrity of the nervous system by removing subluxations. The nervous system, when free of subluxations, works at an optimum level, allowing the body to operate the way it’s supposed to–by taking in information from one’s surroundings, processing it, and delivering a response–giving human beings the ability to survive in an often challenging and unforgiving environment.

We rely on our nervous system for every body process–digestion, immune function, respiration, everything–as well as every action needed for survival–like movement, communication, learning. When our nervous system is hampered by subluxations, necessary process are also hampered and the body starts to become out-of-sync. When subluxation free, we have a greater ability to move, to communicate, to learn.

I adjust my daughter Delilah to guarantee that her developing nervous system functions at its highest level. All children should be checked for subluxations and receive chiropractic care when appropriate. I adjust Delilah because I know how much it means to her health.

Check out this video showing my daughter’s incredible ability to control her fine motor movements:

Keep your nervous system–and your children’s–functioning optimally at all times with safe, natural chiropractic care.

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