What is 7,000 years old and promulgated in the Sutras? would be the Jeopardy question. Recent studies show that yoga has multiple benefits, some that go well beyond getting in shape. Things like a greater sense of well-being and reversing the biochemical changes associated with metabolic syndrome (a combination of obesity and diabetes) have been observed in people doing regular yoga.

What’s Dr. Campos’ hands down (and feet up) favorite form of exercise?

Yoga combines physical exertion with mental conditioning–the perfect challenge for mind and body. Many people go into yoga thinking that they’ll relax, they’ll go Zen. Uh, not. Yoga is grueling if you’re a newcomer, or haven’t done it in a while. True, some classes will go easy on you if you’re new to the practice; but the sheer act of doing asanas (postures) is a challenge to beginners and veterans alike. It’s supposed to be. It’s yoga, dude…

What reduces waist circumference; lowers blood pressure, blood sugar, and triglycerides; and raises levels of “good” HDL cholesterol levels?

Yoga is not just the physical aspect of doing postures but also has a breathing component and a meditation component. When researchers looked at these two aspects of yoga, they found that people who practiced yoga for six weeks showed lowered stress levels, lowered feelings of anxiety and depression. Whoa! But we knew that, right?

Listen, try yoga. It’s incredible. Give it six weeks–no! six months. I guarantee that if you commit to it for this stretch of time, you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about. Happy twisting.

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