Minutes after winning the EliteXC welterweight championship Saturday night, mixed martial arts fighter Jake Shields thanked his chiropractor at In Motion Chiropractic. Booyah!!!

That’s right! When you want to function at your optimal best and reach the top of your game, look no farther than your neighborhood chiropractic office. Elite athletes like the spry Mr. Shields choose chiropractic as a way to maintain their health and gain an edge in their sports. This was evident in the rapid defeat of Nick “The Goat” Thompson within 1:03 of the start of the bout Saturday night. Shields used a modified guillotine choke to subdue the burly Thompson. It was a quick and decisive victory for Shields who is now 21-4-1.

Good job, Jake, but I wouldn’t expect anything less from a regular chiropractic client. You know that chiropractic is the quintessential body-care system for great health and functioning. You join the ranks of other elite athletes who have been using chiropractic to keep their million dollar bodies lean, mean and firing sharp machines. This list includes:

And now the tough-as-nails Jake Shields. Congratulations on the big win, Jake! And congratulations for using chiropractic–you know the power. Smart man.

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