Here’s a little story about how politics, helped by the media and popular culture, can influence belief to such a degree that even health practices change. I’m sure nobody reading this is ignorant of the fact that global warming is one of today’s hippest issues, right up there with saving Africa. Global warming is so hip that it threatens to influence nearly every facet of life, from business to engineering to development. But not until now has it touched the health sector.

According to recent reports, global warming may increase the incidence of kidney stones in the U.S. in the coming years. Researchers at the University of Texas estimate that the number of kidney stones will increase by thirty percent over the next few years. Kidney stones are caused by the crystallization of dissolved minerals in the urine, usually from low water levels in the body, or dehydration. The researchers point out that as temperatures rise more people will become dehydrated leading to a higher production of kidney stones.

Well, you’ll get no argument out of me that dehydration is a growing concern. But I have to say, blaming it on global warming is pure, unadulterated horse manure. Let’s try a little more obvious reason, like too many people bypass drinking water for the more accessible and heavily marketed soda pop. Duh! No, no, it must be global warming. Oh heavens Longhorns, can you get less original? The scientists at UT point out that an increase in kidney stones is already being seen in the southeastern belt of the U.S.–that includes Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina and Tennessee. I’ll bet if the numbers are crunched they’ll show that that region has a super-high imbibition of sodas, sweetened iced tea, and liquor–all of which are highly dehydrating. And I can tell you that all three of those beverages will lead to an increased development of kidney stones. BS Campos…it has to be global warming. Yes, I know.

I really don’t care what method is used to get people to drink more water–I feel it’s that important to human health. But here’s the problem: Just four months ago, the consensus from the scientific community was that the necessity of drinking water was just a myth. Remember my earlier post on the subject? And if you’ve read The Six Keys To Optimal Health, you know that I’m adamant about proper hydration. You would also know from reading my book that some scientists think that drinking water can be harmful to one’s health. And many people watching the nightly news, or listening to their family physicians believe that you can get most of your body’s water through the food you eat (I swear, I’ve heard this nonsense before). Yet today…science has found that proper hydration is now necessary because of global warming?!?! Whatever.

I guess I’m gonna just give in and jump on the ol’ global warming bandwagon. So here goes some health news I’d like to see:

  • Global Warming Causes People to Need More Chiropractic!
  • Global Warming Makes People Vitamin Deficient.
  • Global Warming Reduced by Exercise.
  • Global Warming Caused by Excessive Statin and Antidepressant Use.

Yeah, that’ll be the day.

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