My daughter, Violet Star Campos, entered the world like an astral illumination at 11:01 pm on September 27, 2008. She came in healthy, happy, and unusually calm–can she be a Campos???

Mama is doing beautifully–appeared as if she were ready to play two; not a bead of sweat on her. Must be all those hikes up Runyon Canyon.

Papa is well, but tired–put in a full day of adjusting patients before going to the hospital to yell, “push! push!” Baby got her first chiropractic assessment, too. But all was well, no need to do anything (that wasn’t true for Delilah). Maybe the birth canal is just so much more forgiving the second time around. Hey, I’ll take it. Woohoo!

We are overjoyed. OK, off to see the girls…

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