Our daughter Violet had her first pediatric check up today. The pediatrician suggested that we all get a flu shot. I don’t think she reads my blog.

If she did she’d know exactly why we wouldn’t be interested. The flu shot is bunk, plain and simple. I have no reason to expose myself or my family to a flu we may never get. Nor do we fool ourselves into thinking that we’ll have some sort of protection–we might just catch the flu one way or another. But the PED insists that we’ll be doing ourselves a service, adding protection in case one of us brings home the bug and gives it to little Violet, who is only two and a half weeks old. Yawn…the story never gets any more interesting.

Here’s the latest: A recent study published in the Archives of Pediatrics & Adolescent Medicine showed that kids who were immunized against the flu did not have lower rates of contracting the flu than non-vaccinated kids. And even more eye-opening (I hope) for pediatricians is that kids who received the vaccination were just as likely to be hospitalized or visit the doctor than those who had not been vaccinated.

All I can ask is how long will this ruse continue? Probably indefinitely. It’s hard to let go of a deep-rooted paradigm. Flu shot proponents in the medical community have thought it necessary to explain the result by saying that the development of the flu vaccine is not an exact science. They say it’s like “forecasting the weather.” Um hm…just what I want out of my vaccinations, comparisons to meteorology. According to Dr. Geoffrey Weinberg, professor of pediatrics at University of Rochester. “Sometimes we are right on, and sometimes we are off.”

No kidding. I’ve been saying exactly that for a long time (and here, and here). The flu is one of the most rapidly mutating viruses there is. Preparing a inoculation to perfectly match a strain is like trying to pick a Superbowl winner in September. Sometime you will be right on, and sometime you will be off. And now they are even saying that perhaps children need to use a nasal spray to administer the vaccine. Yawn…on to the next round.

No we won’t be getting the flu shot this year…or next year, or the next. We graciously thanked our pediatrician for the concern but told her we’d be okay. I’ve never had a flu shot and neither has Erika. We did not give it to our eldest Delilah, and we don’t plan on giving it to Violet either. Although I’m certain this farce called the flu shot will not come to an end any time soon, I’m pretty sure the unflattering studies will continue to pour in on this bunk vaccination.

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