I’ve heard it said recently that saying affirmations is pure BS–wishful thinking; La La Land. I disagree wholeheartedly.

Affirmations are statements said out loud by a person which the person assumes to be true in the present moment. These statements are repeated by the person as many times as the person wants, with the idea that repeated statements become truth–that is, realized by the person–when it becomes a reality in the mind first. It is based on the concept that language is powerful, and when language and mental impressions coincide, they lead to creation–creation of reality.

New Age mumbo jumbo? Many people think so. But many do not. I’m one of those people who do not. I’ve been saying affirmations for years, and I enjoy looking back at some of my past affirmations and seeing in what capacity they are being realized in my life now. The secret to making affirmations work is believing in their reality now, even if you’re not seeing it in your life on the material plane at this very moment. As long as you see it on the mental plane, it exists. Hard concept to grasp, especially for the materialist, but with a little investigation, everyone can see the truth in the concept by acknowledging that most everything realized on the material plane starts as a thought first.

I figured that if I said it enough, I would convince the world that I really was the greatest. ~ Muhammad Ali

I was pondering the concept of affirmations recently when I came across this video of USC football coach Pete Carrol. This football and life genius uses many mental concepts–ones that would be considered New Age–successfully with his players and in the community. Please watch this inspirational video and pay close attention to what Carrol calls “Win Forever.” See how he’s using the concept of language and affirmation in some of Los Angeles’ most violent gang-infested neighborhoods. It’s simply miraculous. Listen to the language the gang members use, listen to their affirmations about life and death. Then listen to what Pete Carrol has to say (especially his final words on the piece).

Don’t believe in affirmations? Watch this video and then decide.

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