2008 was a great year for Optimal Health. Here’s the annual recap and most memorable posts of the year:

  • I started the year off with a cracked tooth, infection, and subsequent root canal. I called it an instantaneous perspective creator. No way anything could get worse than that–no writers’ strike, no election results, no recession, nothing.
  • My daughter, Violet, was born.

My favorite health story: Guerrilla Gardening

The story that pissed me off the most: American Academy of Pediatrics recommending statins for children. Idiots.

Most hysterical: Pregnant Man!

Least hysterical: Mandated flu vaccines in New Jersey.

Thank you for tuning in to Optimal Health in 2008. I suspect 2009 will bring lots of more interesting news and information in the world of health, so keep coming back to your premier source of health news and information…with a twist! Happy New Year.

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