Well it’s official–I’m a voodoo doctor. Just saw my name on a chiropractic web listing that had me categorized as “Voodoo Doctor.” I love it!

I received the news from one of our national chiropractic organizations, the American Chiropractic Association (ACA), of which I am a member. They sent a news update alerting chiropractors to the malicious web site, and promise they are investigating the matter. They seem pissed.

But I’m not. I think it’s funny. I guess it’s only because I wasn’t insulted too badly. Some of the other categorizations were, “wannabe MD” and “couldn’t get into medical school.” I wonder how I was given the voodoo categorization. Well, I’m grateful–the other two are real insults.

Hey, listen, if people want to write ignorant things on the web, it’s their time. But watch out! www.neighborhood-chiropractors.com, you just might get sued for libel.

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