My daughter Delilah has been sick as Swiss measles outbreak–has a nasty cold, probably the same one you have. Hacking dry cough, lots of snot, fever–I’ve seen so many people in my practice with this nasty little bug, and even more that I’ve talked to. It’s that time of year, all right.

Did you get a flu shot? I didn’t. I was sick about a month ago–same thing that’s going around now. I didn’t get my daughters a flu shot either, despite massive pushing from our pediatrician. It got me wondering, why don’t they have a vaccine for the common cold? It can’t be because the rhinovirus is benign; I mean, my daughter has been nailed. After eight days of labored respiration and irrepressible cough, I think she’s been through the ringer. So why no vaccine?

I wouldn’t do it anyway, because I’m sure it wouldn’t do squat. Just like the flu vaccine. As I reported back in December, very few Americans are getting the flu shot this year. And we haven’t been hit yet with the massive flu epidemic that we’ve been told for years would happen unless everyone got their flu shot. Uh..told you.

Even better, doctors are now saying the flu shot doesn’t prevent the flu, it only lessens symptoms. Ha, ha, ha…what a crock of sh*#! Last year it was, “The flu vaccine protects at risk people, like children or the elderly, from the flu.” Today it’s, “You can get the flu even if you’ve been vaccinated, and even if it hits the right virus, you just may not get as bad of a flu.” Yeah…exactly what I’ve been saying.

To the credit of the flu shot pushers, the new word on the hospital floor is that people who haven’t gotten flu shots should try to ride the season out. Bout time somebody started talking sense.

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