How stupid would this sound? Most people who exercise don’t really need to; their health status is good already, so exercise is actually overkill. Retarded, right? OK, check this out:

According to a recent study, many children taking vitamin supplements don’t need them because they are not at risk for nutritional deficiencies. Sounds reasonable so far, right? Not to me, but keep reading. The report goes on to say that children who might benefit the most from nutritional supplements, including those with overall poor health or diet, may be the least likely to take them. Alright then, so they’ve established that supplementation is necessary, at least under certain circumstances. Hang in there, this will make sense shortly.

The researchers also say that the children who tend to take vitamins are “the healthiest and most active with a balanced diet.” The conclusion from the researchers, at least as the media is reporting it, is that healthy children receive all their nutrients from their diet, and don’t need supplements. But is that true? I think another possibility is that the healthier children just live healthier lifestyles. Is income and education level a part of the equation? Sure, but equally important is that healthier kids take their vitamins. So isn’t it possible–hang on to your hats now–that taking vitamins adds to the overall level of health?

Duh! Vitamins are important–and this study is just more evidence in support that claim.

*Just so you know, the media has totally misreported the conclusions of this study. Just another example of media distortion of the truth.

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