Put those carrot sandwiches down, hippies: your alfalfa sprouts might be contaminated. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the Centers of Disease Control (CDC) has issued a warning that raw alfalfa sprouts may be contaminated with salmonella. This just weeks after the same warning for pistachio nuts, and peanuts earlier this year and last.

The FDA reports that 31 cases of food poisoning with the Salmonella Saintpaul strain have been reported in Michigan, Minnesota, Pennsylvania, South Dakota, Utah, and West Virginia. The warning is for raw sprouts, which authorities believe are harboring the bacteria in their seeds, so washing the spouts will not make them safe. The good news is that only the alfalfa variety seem to be contaminated; all other sprouts appear to be fine.

“Some reported eating raw sprouts at restaurants; others reported purchasing the raw sprouts at the retail level,” the FDA said.

The FDA believes that this current contamination is an extension from an earlier outbreak this year that was reported in Nebraska, South Dakota, Iowa, Kansas, and Minnesota.

Well, another food, another contamination. It seems that food safety is a real issue today, and thankfully the government is making this a top priority. Congress is currently discussing setting up a new food safety agency with more resources than the FDA has. If it tightens up the controls on food quality, I’m all for it. I understand that feeding the masses is a tricky biz, but letting this much contaminated food out onto the markets is just unacceptable. I’ll keep you posted, love children; but until I hear more, stick to the hemp paste.

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  1. Avatar High Priestess says:

    Well, i do not agree with you there, Dr. Nick. More government, more loss of autonomy. People don’t see how they are losing their freedom. Pretty soon we will have no freedom at all. Have any of your read George Orwlls’s “1984”??? for Christ sake? Again, wash your food, even if it is organic! I have seen people just dump the vegetable into the pot or salad bowl, just because it was packed in a cellophane or plastic bag, “ready to eat” they say. No, there are forces out there that only want the farmers to use GM seeds. Sterilized and dead. Have you seen the movie “Soylent Green”? Was that awful? Well eating GM food is worse. Anyway, get your gut in order with Probiotics, Vit. D, C, etc. Ask Dr. Nick about all that. If your immune system is good than a little bit of bacteria won’t kill you.

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