Well, well, well…never thought I’d see the day, but the first draft of The Affordable Health Choices Act has neglected to uphold one simple choice–chiropractic care! If adopted, this plan could wipe out the first choice in health and wellness of millions of Americans. Just think–a future of affordable health care…but no chiropractic. Sorry.

The bill sponsored by Senator Edward Kennedy’s Senate Committee on Health, Education, Labor and Pensions (“HELP”) does not include chiropractic coverage. No language in the bill guarantees chiropractic coverage in the future, nor does it guarantee that its national policy making board will include chiropractic in the “universal” health scheme. Now that’s progress! I’m so proud to be an American. Just think, a future of guaranteed health care–because that’s a right–but no chiropractic in the birthplace of chiropractic. God bless America…my home…sweeeet hoooooome!!!!

If this notions gets you as upset as it does me, please do your part in letting your Congress representatives know how you feel. Simply fill out the form provided by the American Chiropractic Association’s Chiropractic Legislative Action Center, and tell Capitol Hill that


If there is going to be socialized health care, there’s no reason to push out chiropractic. This scenario would be the worst case of government and special interests manipulating the markets to form health care monopolies–very un-American. And more important, millions of citizens, people who rely on chiropractic care every day to be pain free and healthy, will be able to get their chiropractic care because private insurers will follow the government’s lead. As Obama says, a government plan will create competition, which translates to: all private insurance plans will do as the government plan does. So no chiropractic coverage in federal plan, no chiropractic coverage, period.

Well I guess there’s always cash. Cha-ching $

*Please all my Los Angeles, Beverly Hills and West Hollywood chiropractic clients, please log into the Chiropractic Legislative Action Center and fill out the quick and simple form. Help keep chiropractic accessible for Americans.

5 Responses to Chiropractic Left Off Health Reform

  1. Avatar High Priestess says:

    Not only would this be un-American but a right out sham. I pay just for Medicare I believe $120.00 per month to the government. That is what they take out from my Social Security check. I am a lifelong chiropractic devotee with outstanding results. I NEVER have to go to any other doctor. I regularly visit my chiropractic doctor, and it works. I am never sick save for some sniffel maybe at the height of everyone else’s flu season. My total chiropractic bill the government reimburses is less than my yearly Medicare contributions. So, why should I not be able to receive chiropractic under my government insutrance policy? Is it because some committee memebers in the government are so heavily overcompensated financially and other privileges that they are removed from the real plight of average the people. I am so enraged, in particular since I clearly remember Obama endorsing chiropractic care during his election campaign. Are we just being had all the way? Please, everybody, rally and write your congress.

  2. Avatar Tim Garcia, Doctor of Chiropractic says:

    Hi All,

    I wonder if chiropractic not being included in in health care reform is better for chiropractic. Consider the use of chiropractic being left to the discretion of a medical gatekeeper to recommend and refer to chiropractors. Very few referrals indeed, and surely for mere musculoskeletal conditions, ignoring the greatest effect on the overall nervous system. Also, reimbursment and proper utilization issues would not be properly addressed in my opinion.

  3. Thank you Dr. Tim,

    In a nutshell you are right. Here is my issue with it all, though. Our medical system is based on a particular, and faulty, paradigm–it is disease or illness based. Fighting disease is expensive, and in our technological progress, will become even more so. Trying to make it “more affordable” within the same paradigm is futile, if not foolish.

    For chiropractic, it is simply an ego thing for me. Leaving it out of the plan is a slap in the face. No matter where you stand on the reimbursement and control issue, you’ll have to agree that it is simply another insult on a long list of infractions against our profession. True, most of us can go to cash, and continue on as we have for decades; however, in a general sense, it is a step backwards for the mainstream acceptability of chiropractic. And isolating it, once again, from mainstream healthcare is not progressive, it’s regressive. But, as always, chiropractic will do just fine. It’s the public that will suffer.

  4. Avatar truehealth1 says:

    Hi Dr. Campos,
    I guess we must educate.

  5. Avatar Anonymous says:

    Slap away..we don’t need to be included. $20 a visit will not cut it, unless I se up a table in a public library.

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