The official t-shirts are now here. Light weight, form-fitting, 100% cotton American Apparel tees are available through my Los Angeles, Beverly Hills, West Hollywood chiropractic office. Tees come in various sizes and colors with a choice of two slogans–“Feel Good” and “I’m Perfect…My Chiropractor Says So.”

Womens “I’m Perfect…” tees come in pink with white ink, and white with military green ink.

Womens “Feel Good” tees come in black with tan, and heather gray with fuchsia.

Mens “I’m Perfect…” tees come in navy with white, and white with military green.

Mens “Feel Good” tees come in black with tan, and asphalt gray with tan.

Thank you to all my thoughtful and creative regular readers who gave me lots of insight, and some great ideas. Keep on the lookout for baby tees and onesies, which will be available soon!

Thanks again, and don’t forget to order your t-shirts through our website, (e-mail or phone, on-line shopping cart coming soon).

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