Wake up, people! What you are fighting for is not health care–it’s sick care. Get it right. There is nothing wrong with wanting accessible sick care. Since most people believe that getting sick is inevitable, they naturally want accessible, affordable sick care. But don’t call it health care, because there is nothing health about it.

This distinction is creating quite a bit of confusion among otherwise well-informed people, and it’s not their fault. We’ve been brainwashed into thinking medical care is health care. It’s not. One million dollars to anybody who can prove to me that there is a health component to it. Health, not sickness. Health.

The medical definition of health:

the condition of an organism or one of its parts in which it performs its vital functions normally or properly

Which medical procedure fulfills that?

Real health care is that which enhances the health; and in that regard, there are many health care practices: Exercise is health, so trainers you are health care. Nutrition is health, so nutritionists you are health care. A body functioning optimally, smoothly, and without pain is healthy; so chiropractors, acupuncturists, massage therapists and all other body workers, you are health care. Getting proper rest, serenity, and balanced mind and body are health; so yoga instructors, Pilates instructors, meditation teachers, Buddhist monks, and mental health practitioners, you are all health care.

Medicine, psychiatry, rehab, emergency care–you are sick care. Period. Nothing wrong with that; in fact, we need it. Sick care is an integral part of our world, but it’s not health care. So all this debate about health care is erroneous, because nobody is really fighting for health care at all, except the true health care advocates–the practitioners. Let’s get it straight, all right?

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