Miss Mary Mack, Mack, Mack; All dressed in black, black, black…word, you know how it goes. That’s right, bought a jump rope today, ready to get my hops on. An eight dollar investment, and a little time to pick up the skill (I’ve never jumped rope before…Lame-O), and I should be cutting up in no time.

Why jump rope? Best cardiovascular workout you can get, and I’m all about endurance and stamina these days. My plan is four times per week, ten minutes, that’s all…very doable.

Float like a butterfly…

Jumping rope not only gives an arse-kicking cardio workout, it works the legs and abs too. Further, the bouncing motion is in sync with the vibratory oscillations of our cells, atoms and subatomic particles. I, therefore, am going to oscillate.

Flying high now…

I bought a light-weight speed rope. Eight bucks and change at Sports Chalet. Much cheaper than a trampoline, although I’m thinking about one of those too. So, I start this week–anyone else with me?

First I’ll master the rope, then perhaps I’ll attempt catching the chicken. Whaddaya think?


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  1. Avatar Frank says:

    I like your vibratory oscillations thing, that will probably be the new jumping-rope-burns-more-calories-than-running thing.
    Anyway, after you mastered your first hops you are probably in need for more skipping techniques. These we have and jump rope workouts and of course jump ropes at duvide Jumpropes

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