Exciting news for cancer patients: A new technology shows promise of fighting cancer with magnetic fields. Tiny discs, called “nanodiscs,” that are just a millionth of a meter in diameter and around 60 billionths of a meter thick could be used to disrupt the membranes of cancer cells, causing them to self-destruct. This technology could replace chemotherapy and it’s harmful side effects as the treatment of choice for cancer patients.

The discs, made from an iron-nickel alloy, would be directed by a magnetic field to an area populated by cancer cells. In a study conducted at the Argonne National Laboratory in Chicago, this process was carried out by subjecting the discs to a low magnetic field for around ten minutes, which was enough to destroy 90 percent of cancer cells in tests.

That’s outstanding news as we need more alternatives to the pan-annihilation mechanism of chemotherapy. If this nanodisc technology continues to produce results, cancer patients can kiss the hair loss, nausea, fatigue, and myriad of other side effects away for good. Let’s keep our fingers crossed, as it’s been long time coming.

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