I sometimes get a sideways look when I mention to a new client that their low back pain might be originating from their feet. That happened this weekend when a mixed martial arts instructor limped into my Beverly Hills chiropractic office with excruciating lower back pain.

When I mentioned that I wanted to look at his feet, he quickly asserted that he wasn’t worried about them–he just wanted his back treated, okay? OK.

I looked anyway as I was treating him and saw that he had severely loose ankles. Casually, I asked if he had ever sprained them. He replied, “Yeah, lots of times.” Bingo! Chronically sprained ankles are a classic sign of foot dysfunction, which requires orthotic foot support.

Orthotics provide an arch and control foot motion during the gait cycle–that is, when we walk. When there is lack of foot control and overpronation (a foot movement), the low back takes a massive hit. I know; I’m an overpronator (and former chronic low back pain sufferer).

So I’m sure my MMA instructor will be back again with the same problem sometime soon. Doesn’t have to be you, though. If you have low back pain (or chronically sprained ankles), come see a sports chiropractor in Beverly Hills to have your feet evaluated. Your back will be happy you did. Watch the video above to learn more about the foot’s role in low back pain, and orthotics.

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