If you punch a heavy bag or do any kind of mixed martial arts (MMA) training, you’ll want to throw a punch correctly. Improper punching technique is the quickest way to a hand, wrist or shoulder injury. And would you like to break your hand (boxers fracture)? Punch something incorrectly and you’ll see:

poor punching form

Wrong! You can always tell an amateur fighter when you see the shoulder coming out and away from the body. This leads to stress/strain on the shoulder, and the last two digits become the main contact on the target—a high risk for boxers fracture.

perfect straight punch

Right! A perfect punch—arm straight out, leading with first two digits. That should do some damage and avoid common amateur-sustained injuries.

Proper straight punch

You want power? Twist at your hips and throw your body into the punch; keep your arm in close to the body, leading with first two digits. Knock out!


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